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A love of craftsmanship, creativity, vibrant sophisticated colors and a focus on fine fabrics.

For over 15 years my aim has been to create high quality one-of-a-kind personalized clothing.

With an art and a textile design background, I hand print my designs onto high end fine silk fabrics.  On some designs up to eight different colors are used on just one piece of fabric and colors are never repeated allowing each print to be completely unique.  The result is extraordinary and imaginative wearable art.  Each piece is made by hand and the small imperfections are what make yours unique.

All Wrap Skirts, Blouses and Scarves are one-of-a-kind hand printed originals.  The Kimono Haori jackets are all limited edition prints.  Most of our wrap skirts are reversible, having a completely different design matching perfectly with the other.  Our wrap skirts can be worn in different ways, videos are available in the homepage, or you can see the videos here.

Making clothing is and has been a true joy for me and I hope wearing one of my unique pieces is a true joy for you.